Nov 18, 2012


A wonderful week it has been and truth to be told, it was more than just enjoyment.

This has been coming for a few weeks and finally, I think I know what I might actually want. Much have changed since I last wrote here. Countless times I have long blog posts pictured in my mind but I never made the effort to actually put in down into words. This laziness of me just made me realize more of how bad things are really looking. I used to blame it on a heavy workload but in truth it stems from bad time management on my part. Blaming other factors apart from myself is the easy way out. And when you always seek the easy way out, that's when laziness kicks in. The 'mobile' nature of my work didn't help one bit.

Deep down inside I know for a fact that I cant make a career out of sales because it is just not me. The creative side of me just yells to break free. Hence it sucks that I am making a living out of sales. In schooling days, I once said that sales is not for me. And it still isn't. That's why I think I am doing a pretty good job so far despite the lack of interest and drive. Just imagine what I could achieve if I had the passion. Expectations versus reality, no one wins.

Being the emcee and photographer over the weekend allowed me chance to revisit what I actually enjoyed doing. It is not so much of the money. In Malaysia, it is difficult to get good money out of doing something you passionate about. If I am to break it to my family that I intend to be an emcee as a career(which I love to be, on par to being a barista), you can imagine their reaction. This is a society where creativity is still associated with hobbies and not 'real' career options.

I am spoiled with the good pay I am currently enjoying and I am afraid to take a step back. Doing it part time and as a hobby is my only option at the moment.

Judging by my performance and the crowds reaction and acceptance, I think I did a bloody good job. And it was my first time hosting a wedding. So lets raise a glass to the future and may I survive the corporate world filled with selfishness, bureaucracy,and unspeakable things with enough energy to pursue the things which I am passionate about.

Food, writing, photography & emcee jobs.

The future begins now.


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